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Luke Cassady-Dorion
In addition to being a Co-Founder and Director of A Single Production Luke is a born storyteller. He grew up with his nose in a book, he's acted on the stage and currently co-hosts one of Thailand's top travel shows. A published author (in both his native English and Thai) and a fine art photographer, he now focuses his energy on filmmaking. He loves the collaborative nature of filmmaking and it's power to create stories heard the world over.

All about Luke

  • Directed the multiple award-winning documentary feature, The Cheer Ambassadors.
  • Has exhibited his photography in Bangkok's top galleries, earning praise from multiple critics.
  • Wrote a Thai-language autobiography called Yogi Boy ผู้ชายที่เคยหายใจไม่เป็น which is currently in its third printing.
  • Hosts the popular Thai TV show Farang Pok Pok that is currently in its 4th season.
  • Was an early adopter of the Java programming language and wrote two books on professional Java software developing in the late 90s.
  • Spent 8 years writing software before deciding to change this life and focus on the arts and yoga.
  • Has practice Ashtanga Yoga for 15 years, he taught it for 10 and still makes time each week to continue teaching.
  • Holds a BA Degree in Thai Language Studies from Ramkeamheang University, he is the only foreigner to have ever graduated from this rigorous program since its inception 38 years ago.
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