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Thapanont (Tae) Phithakrattanayothin
In addition to being a Co-Founder and Producer of A Single Production, Tae has traveled the world first as a world champion cheerleader, then as an award-winning filmmaker. Each destination has been a new source of inspiration for him, helping him create work that draws on his worldwide sensibilities. He knows how to visually tell a story, how to help people understand by seeing.

All about Tae

  • Produced the multiple award-winning documentary feature, The Cheer Ambassadors.
  • Has won Best Presentation awards for his work with Mercedes Benz and Chevrolet at Bangkok's International Bangkok Motor Show and the Thailand International Motor Expo.
  • Has been the bring cutting edge visual effects and presentation technology to Thailand though his work with Pico (Thailand).
  • Has been at the forefront of performance and commerce, helping many international brands increase revenue by creating talk of the town events that drew in record crowds.
  • Has a deep understanding of color theory and color grading.
  • Understands how to make complex topics easy to understand.
  • Has extensive experience working as an Art Director creating corporate video presentations.
  • Crafted PR messages for international brands while at Mccann World Group.
  • First as a cheerleader and then assistant coach, he helped Bangkok University's team become the first international team to ever take home a gold medal in 2011 at Orlando's Cheerleading Worlds competition.
  • Coached Singapore's champion cheerleading team Ngee Ann Poly Technic.
  • Has a BA in Communication Arts (Public Relations) from Bangkok University.
Our team
We are an international team of film lovers working to bring unique stories to the screen using contemporary storytelling techniques and technologies. We have created award-winning films, TV shows and corporate videos.

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